National Steel is my one-person recording project. Since 2006, I have released four records and an EP under that name that combine a wide range of American roots and retro pop influences into my own brand of indie cosmic Americana. In addition to writing all the songs and playing all the instruments, I also recorded, mixed, and mastered the National Steel records. Below is a introductory playlist to the music of National Steel.


“What’s perhaps most appealing about this artist is the earnestness and genuine feelings expressed. No cynicism, glibness, self-indulgence, wallowing, gimmicks or swagger – just a refreshing feeling of open-hearted, self-reliant, intelligent, reflective, old Americanism. And a great voice and musical ability to deliver the feeling.”

“[National Steel] has a respectable pop quality that hearkens back to a more carefree time where a little bit of wistfulness went a long way…and the pop sensibilities of Roy Orbison, Bob Dylan, etc., were not too far past.”

“[National Steel’s] music has such a timeless quality to it.”


For more information, see the National Steel website. National Steel’s music can also be found on: