This page contains links to various print, audio, and video interviews, profiles, and documentaries, as well as media coverage of my work. 

July 2022: Interview, “Interpretations of the Past: Historian Michael D. Hattem discusses historical memory, reckoning with the creation of “American history”, and his recent book,” Public Seminar, July 25.

May 2022: Quoted from interview, “Did British troops murder surrendered American soldiers at Groton Height during the Revolutionary War?” Connecticut Magazine. 

November 2021: Quoted from interview, “New York Today,” The New York Times, November 25.

November 2021: Book featured and excerpted, “Read the Revolution,” Museum of the American Revolution (newsletter), November 24.

October 2021: Book quoted, “How Christopher Columbus Became an Italian-American Icon,” TIME, October 9.

July 2021: Interview, “Bonus: A History of American Revolution Histories,” Ben Franklin’s World (podcast), July 30.

July 2021: Interview, “Michael Hattem, Past and Prologue,” Ben Franklin’s World (podcast), July 20.

July 2021: Quoted from interview, “The Politics of Teaching America’s Past,” TIME, July 5-12 (online title: “Inside the Fight Over What Kids Learn About America’s History”)

July 2021: Quoted from interview, “Birth Pangs: One Nation, Many Truths,” The New York Times, July 3. (online title: “The Battle for 1776”)

April 2021: Book review, “Past as Prologue,” Law & Liberty.

March 2021: Speaker, History Summit, virtual book festival.

February 2021: Interview, New Books on History, New Books Network.

February 2021: Interview, “10 Questions with Michael D. Hattem,” From the Desk.

February 2021: Interview, “Michael Hattem on the Long Tradition of Fashioning an American Past,” Podopticon.

February 2021: Interview, “120 Politics and Memory in the American Revolution with Michael D. Hattem,” The Age of Jackson Podcast.

February 2021: Book Review, Journal of the American Revolution.

January 2021: Quoted, “Historians in Historic Times,” Scholarly Kitchen.

January 2021: “Michael D. Hattem’s Past and Prologue,” The Page 99 Test.

January 2021: Book Review, “Teapots and Tempests,” American Purpose.

January 2021: Pg. 99: Michael D. Hattem’s Past and Prologue,” Campaign for the American Reader.

October 2020: Quoted from interview, “Did America Have a ‘Good Relationship’ with Hitler? What Joe Biden Got Right and Wrong About That History During the Debate,” TIME Magazine.

October 2020: Quoted from interview, “Long before the controversy over Columbus Day, Noah Webster’s book taught children about the explorer who was the ‘discoverer of America’,” Hartford Courant, October 12.

September 2020: Op-Ed, “Revisionist History is an American Political Tradition,” “Made by History,” The Washington Post.

August 2020: Podcast Interview, “Reflecting on the Work and Legacy of Bernard Bailyn with Michael Hattem” (The Rogue Historian)

June 2020: Op-Ed, “Columbus never set foot here. Why do we remember him?” “Made by History,” The Washington Post.

November 2019: Op-Ed, “What Attorney General Barr Gets Wrongs about the American Revolution,” “Made by History,” The Washington Post.

November 2018: Radio interview on abolition and Civil War history of Galesburg, IL (Radio-Canada).

July 2018: Interview, “Gordon S. Wood’s The Radicalism of the American Revolution [1991] with Michael D. Hattem,” Age of Jackson podcast.

April 2017: Quoted from interview, “From Personal to Professional: Collaborative History Blogs Go Mainstream,” Perspectives on History (AHA).

December 2015: “An Intern Saved a Museum by Finding This Revolutionary War Treasure in the Attic,” (Smithsonian Magazine)

April 2015: Podcast interview, “Benjamin Franklin and the Papers of Benjamin Franklin Editorial Project” (Ben Franklin’s World)

March 30, 2015: Podcast interview, “A Discussion on Early American History with The JuntoCast” (Ben Franklin’s World).

August 2014: Film interview, “American Revolution,” a three-part television documentary, airing December 2014. (Discovery Networks)

January 20, 2014: Film interview, “The Discovery of the ‘Address to the Inhabitants of Great Britain’,” documentary video (Keno Auctions/Big Chief Studio)

January 13, 2014: “Two CCNY History Students Identify Original Revolution Document” (CCNY)

January 2, 2014: “Letter Tied to Fight for Independence Is Found in Museum’s Attic” (The New York Times)

December 23-27, 2013: Interview, included in a series of “group interview” posts each one asking specialists a question about the American Revolution (Journal of the American Revolution)

December 5, 2013: “What We’re Reading: December 5, 2013” included my piece, “Roundtable: The Legacy of Pauline Maier” (American Historical Association)

September 30, 2013: “Stars Shine for BMCC” (BMCC)

August 12, 2013: Interview, “From GED to PHD with Michael Hattem,” podcast (Eat Sleep Write)

July 29, 2013: Interview, “Historians Seek a Delay in Posting Dissertations” (The New York Times) (reprint)

July 11, 2013: “What We’re Reading: July 11, 2013” included my piece, “American Revolution: The Game” (American Historical Association)

June 20, 2013: “What We’re Reading: June 20, 2013” included my piece, “Digital Workflow for Historians” (American Historical Association)

January 24, 2013: “What We’re Reading: January 24, 2013” included my piece, “Where Have You Gone, Gordon Wood?” (American Historical Association)

December 13, 2012: “What We’re Reading: December 13, 2012” included my piece, “Jeffersongate: The Case of Henry Wiencek” (American Historical Association)

May 27, 2012: Interview, “You Are Here,” radio program (WERS-FM, Boston)

May 5, 2012: Profile, “Cinderella Man,” Marks of Excellence (BMCC publication)

February 16, 2012: “What We’re Reading: February 16, 2012” included my Readex article (American Historical Association)

October 31, 2011: Profile, Michael Hattem: History of Colonial and Revolutionary America (CUNY BA)

June 3, 2011: Profile, Michael Hattem: Self-Taught Scholar (CUNY)

June 2, 2011: Pride of the City: CUNY Class of 2011 (CUNY)

May 25, 2011: Great Grads 2011 (CCNY)

May 2, 2011: CCNY History Majors Garner Top PhD Fellowships (CCNY)

December 15, 2010: CUNY Baccalaureate Student’s Paper To Be Published in Columbia Undergrad Journal (CUNY)

June 15, 2009: Michael Hattem: Intellectual History of the American Revolution (CUNY BA)

November 20, 2008: Creating Your Own Major (BMCC)

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