I am a historian of early America, with a focus broadly on culture and politics in the long eighteenth century. I am especially interested in cultural memory in (and of) the American Revolution and early America generally, the origins and causes of the American Revolution, print culture, and colonial New York City. I am the author of Past and Prologue: Politics and Memory in the American Revolution, which explores the role of changing historical memories in revolutionary American culture and politics.

I am an Associate Director of the Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute. Previously, I served as a Schwartz Postdoctoral Fellow at the New-York Historical Society and Visiting Faculty at The New School in 2017-2018 and as Visiting Assistant Professor of History at Knox College from 2018 to 2020.

I am both a contributor to and Producer of The JuntoCast, the first podcast devoted to early American history and History Talks, a YouTube channel producing historical content by historians for a general audience. I also served as the Managing Editor and a co-founder of The Junto: A Group Blog on Early American History and have contributed to numerous other websites. I have served as a historical consultant or contributor for a number of projects and organizations, including Hamilton: The Exhibition, American YawpFounders Online, as well as television documentaries and auctions.

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