Past and Prologue

In Past and Prologue, Michael Hattem shows how colonists’ changing understandings of their British and colonial histories shaped the politics of the American Revolution and the origins of American national identity. Between the 1760s and 1800s, Americans stopped thinking of the British past as their own history and created a new historical tradition that would form the foundation for what subsequent generations would think of as “American history.” This change was a crucial part of the cultural transformation at the heart of the Revolution by which colonists went from thinking of themselves as British subjects to thinking of themselves as American citizens. Rather than liberating Americans from the past—as many historians have argued—the Revolution actually made the past matter more than ever. Past and Prologue shows how the process of reinterpreting the past played a critical role in the founding of the nation.

Available in hardcover and ebook now through Yale University Press, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Fort Plain Museum Bookshop, and other booksellers.


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December 7, 2020: “How ‘Revisionist History’ Shaped the American Revolution,” hosted by Benjamin Carp, New-York Historical Society, 5pm EST. (audio below)

January 27, 2021: “Past and Prologue: Politics and Memory in the American Revolution — A Virtual Discussion with Michael D. Hattem,” David Center for the American Revolution, American Philosophical Society, Philadelphia, PA, 1pm EST.

April 1, 2021: “The American Revolution and the Creation of American History,” Fraunces Tavern® Museum, New York, NY, 6:30pm EST.

April 22, 2021: “Past and Prologue: A Conversation with Michael D. Hattem,” Smith National Library at Mount Vernon, Mount Vernon, VA, 7pm EST.

April 29, 2021: Fireside Chat, The Library Company of Philadelphia, 7pm EST.

July 7, 2021: “Ben’s Book Club: Past and Prologue by Michael D. Hattem,” Benjamin Franklin House, London, UK, 5pm GMT.

August 29, 2022: American Revolution Roundtable of Philadelphia.

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